Name: Louise Day (aka Lady Day)
Instrument: Singing & Guitar
Other instruments: Guitar, Piano and Ukulele
Famous For: My very high heels
Favourite Quote: The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain – Dollie Parton

Name: Frank Freeman
Instrument: Guitar
Other instruments: Bass Guitar & Percussion
Famous For: My long curly hair and guitar antics.
Favourite Quote: Simple, but significant – Don Draper in Mad Men.

Name: Shaun Johannes (aka Los Ballas)
Instrument: Electric Bass & Upright Bass
Other instruments: Piano, Drums, Accordion, Backing Vocals
Famous For: Being too prepared and tasteless jokes
Favourite Quote: No matter where you find yourself, that’s where you are!

Name: Nathan Woodman (aka Nate)
Instrument: Piano, Keyboard, Synths & Vocals
Other instruments: I dabble in some Harmonica playing, but haven’t picked it up in a while.
Famous For: My Louis Armstrong Vocal, and playing expensive chords on the piano as Ard Matthews puts it. 🙂
Favourite Quote: Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes – Hugh Prather A reminder that nothing in this world stays the same, and to embrace the inevitable change that happens in life.

Name: Darren Peterson (aka Lange)
Instrument: Drums
Other instruments: Classical Percussion, Piano & Singing
Famous For: Being Tall.
Favourite Quote: “That you were as sweet and as cool as you are.”