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I really enjoyed being back on the Expresso show again, always a fun way to start the day. We played are new single Nothingville and had a bit of a chat too. Check out the interview below. L x

30 Jan 2014 Written by Louise Day Comments 0


I am looking forward to playing at the Barleycorn on Monday. I did my first gig there when I was 9 and never looked back, so it’s a special place for me. Dave Bryant and Nate Woodman will join me to play some new songs, some old ones and maybe one or two surprises. :)


When? Monday 3 Feb 2014

Where? Villager FC, 11 Lansdowne Road, Claremont.

Time? 20h00

Damage? R20 for members and R30 for non-members

More info? http://www.barleycorn.org.za

Who else is playing? James Hall & James Harvey, Blacksmith, Dave Ledbetter and Lynne Poulsen.


See you there for a big glass of vino, peace Lx

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I am very honoured to be featured in the very talented Sam Jensen's track- Touch The Sky. Being featured in a trance track is a first for me- but loving this tune. Best played loud, very :) Peace Lx :)

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Ard Matthews & Friends is one of my favourite events of the year. Now in it's 4th year running it's an epic night where SA's top artists get together and perform for a great cause. Gracing the stage are many awesome acts including the likes of Macstanley, James Stewart and Mr Matthews himself. This year I will performing with the fantastic Nate Woodman with a special appearance from Leandi & Lelani van den Berg and the very talented Werner Von Waltsleben.


Ticket money, donations, auction proceeds, and love will be going to Wildlife ACT Fund, St Luke's Hospice and MyLifE Foundation.


Tickets available for R150 at www.webtickets.co.za


'Peace, love, more tolerance' :),  Lx


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When I was a little we didn’t have a TV in the house- my Dad was totally against it. So instead of KTV I had a library card and rather than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I had full access to a guitar, endless tapes and my favourite thing- my parents old record player.


On my trip to the USA earlier this year I couldn’t believe walking into Urban Outfitters that you could by a record player (with mp3 input, Cd player etc.) as well as Mumford and Sons, Civil Wars etc. all on vinyl. Too hipster for words.


I wanted one.


After realising that my suitcase was never going to accommodate my new record player need, I decided to make a plan when I got home. After unsuccessfully traipsing around to the 3 and half music stores in Cape Town I realised that my need for this amazing new record player was still not being fulfilled.


It was time to get serious.


After crawling through a pile of dust in the attic, I found it- the record player of yesteryear- but did it still work? Of course it did- why? Because stuff was made to last back then…


Someone asked me- why Louise? Why would you want to listen to something on a record when you can hear it in way better quality on a CD? I don’t know- maybe it’s like the feel of a book in your hands, or a getting sent a letter. Maybe it’s like an album cover loving crafted by an artist, or mom’s home cooking. There’s something about the cracks and pops that just kind makes me smile.  Peace, Lx